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    We hope to develop or link to useful video tutorials. Do you know of a good one to list here? If so then either just add it or contact the documentation team to ask them.

    • Firefox Personas - a quick How-To video to help you spice-up your gui (2mins)

    • CMIS - How-To get Content Management Information Systems working in LibreOffice (5-6mins)

    • Show or hide page numbers (footer) on first page

    • Show or hide page number (footer) on last page

    • Gradient background in presentation

    • Create random (word) lists

    • Video Tutorials about Free Software includes LibreOffice step-by-step tutorial

    • A collection of many videos to help see how to do things in LibreOffice

    • Editable PDFs. This video (by Simon Phipps) shows how to create a "Hybrid PDF".

    • A spoken guide to getting the Orca screen-reader working. Not for sighted users