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These rules are meant to help content creators and editors of the help files contents. They have been written by the past and then lost, but have been followed anyway by writers. Now that we have more contributors, it's time to have them set again in the wiki to preserve the consistency of the whole content. Be aware that when you introduce a change in the original content in English, it will be reflected in all the languages LibreOffice is translated on, so be cautious when you take the decision to modify the content.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • First letter of the shortcut key is capitalized: Ctrl
    • There is no space between key combinations: Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Paragraphs:
    • Do not add <br\> to break a sentence (length is language dependent) instead add a new paragraph.

New XML tags

Since the patch [63954] was merged, the folowing tags can now be used as replacement some XHP tags

<paragraph>-like tag

New tag Old tag & attribute Notes
<note> <paragraph role="note">
<tip> <paragraph role="tip">
<warning> <paragraph role="warning">
<h1> ... <h6> <paragraph role="heading" level="1 ... 6">

<item>-like tag

New tag Old tag & attribute Notes
<menuitem> <item type="menuitem">
<literal> <item type="literal">
<input> <item type="input">
<widget> <item type="widget">
<keycode> <item type="keycode">

XML Tags

  • bookmark_value: do not add space between elements separated by semicolon (;), this is only a mark to delimiter the index entries
  • The following tags always triggers re-translation when the tag contents changes, including tag attributes such as roles, levels, or id's and internal tags such as <emph>, <item> etc...
    • <paragraph>, <h1>, ..., <h6>, <note>, <tip>, <warning> .
    • <bookmark_value>
    • <image>
    • <object>