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Document Comparison

One of the key advantages of LibreOffice is the ability to work with the largest number of possible document types.
Opening documents from other office suites - such as Microsoft Office - is an important feature.
This page gives examples of how good LibreOffice really is in this area: we took screen shot of a wide variety of files in LibreOffice and did the same in Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Apache OpenOffice and OpenOffice.org. If you click on a thumbnail image below, the larger one will be displayed.
If you have an additional interesting example to add, please share your information. Still some interoperability issues exist, and therefore improvements are added continuously.
Mind that often files may display different simply because fonts are used that others may not have on the computer.

Text documents

LibreOffice Ms Word Google AOO OOo 3.3.0
Writer6 AQH LibreOffice.png
Writer6 AQH Word.png
Writer6 AQH Google.png
Writer6 AQH AOO.png
Writer6 AQH OOo.png
Writer9 Microsoft Lync LibreOffice.png
Writer9 Microsoft Lync Word.png
Writer9 Microsoft Lync Google.png
Writer9 Microsoft Lync AOO.png
Writer9 Microsoft Lync OOo.png
Writer11 92306 Evf aanvraag LibreOffice.png
Writer11 92306 Evf aanvraag Word.png
Writer11 92306 Evf aanvraag Google.png
Writer11 92306 Evf aanvraag AOO.png
Writer11 92306 Evf aanvraag OOo.png
Writer10 92155 Onafhankelijke casemanager LibreOffice.png
Writer10 92155 Onafhankelijke casemanager Word.png
Writer10 92155 Onafhankelijke casemanager Google.png
Writer10 92155 Onafhankelijke casemanager AOO.png
Writer10 92155 Onafhankelijke casemanager OOo.png
Writer5 academic modifcations part LibreOffice.png
Writer5 academic modifcations part Word.png
Writer5 academic modifcations part Google.png
Writer5 academic modifcations part AOO.png
Writer5 academic modifcations part OOo.png
Writer2 SGANieuwsbrief LibreOffice.png
Writer2 SGANieuwsbrief Word.png
Writer2 SGANieuwsbrief Google.png
Writer2 SGANieuwsbrief AOO.png
Writer2 SGANieuwsbrief OOo.png
Writer12 RightsED LibreOffice.png
Writer12 RightsED Word.png
Writer12 RightsED Google.png
Writer12 RightsED AOO.png
Writer12 RightsED OOo.png
Writer13 92306 Eif LibreOffice.png
Writer13 92306 Eif Word.png
Writer13 92306 Eif Google.png
Writer13 92306 Eif AOO.png
Writer13 92306 Eif OOo.png
Writer3 Tridium2011 LibreOffice.png
Writer3 Tridium2011 Word.png

Sometimes Word is in trouble
Writer3 Tridium2011 Google.png
Writer3 Tridium2011 AOO.png
Writer3 Tridium2011 OOo.png
Writer4 IkbenHeelWat LibreOffice.png
Writer4 IkbenHeelWat Word.png
Writer4 IkbenHeelWat Google.png
Writer4 IkbenHeelWat AOO.png
Writer4 IkbenHeelWat OOo.png
Writer7 curr-mls LibreOffice.png
Writer7 curr-mls Word.png

Table wrong in original
Writer7 curr-mls Google.png
Writer7 curr-mls AOO.png
Writer7 curr-mls OOo.png
Writer8 Frayer Model LibreOffice.png
Writer8 Frayer Model Word.png
Writer8 Frayer Model Google.png
Writer8 Frayer Model AOO.png
Writer8 Frayer Model OOo.png

Presentation documents

LibreOffice Ms Powerpoint Google AOO OOo 3.3.0
Impress1 NG Moscow LibreOffice.png
Impress1 NG Moscow Powerpoint.png
Impress1 NG Moscow Google.png
Impress1 NG Moscow AOO.png
Impress1 NG Moscow OOo.png
Impress3 Computer-Networks LibreOffice.png
Impress3 Computer-Networks Powerpoint.png
Impress3 Computer-Networks Google.png
Impress3 Computer-Networks AOO.png
Impress3 Computer-Networks OOo.png
Impress2 BiNoMTutorial LibreOffice.png
Impress2 BiNoMTutorial Powerpoint.png
Impress2 BiNoMTutorial Google.png
Impress2 BiNoMTutorial AOO.png
Impress2 BiNoMTutorial OOo.png
Impress4 Functional-file-class LibreOffice.png
Impress4 Functional-file-class Powerpoint.png
Impress4 Functional-file-class Google.png
Impress4 Functional-file-class AOO.png
Impress4 Functional-file-class OOo.png

Spreadsheet documents

LibreOffice Ms Excel Google AOO OOo 3.3.0
Calc3 Dashboard Report LibreOffice.png
Calc3 Dashboard Report Excel.png
Calc3 Dashboard Report Google.png
Calc3 Dashboard Report AOO.png
Calc3 Dashboard Report OOo.png
Calc4 depreciation-schedule LibreOffice.png
Calc4 depreciation-schedule Excel.png
Calc4 depreciation-schedule Google.png
Calc4 depreciation-schedule AOO.png
Calc4 depreciation-schedule OOo.png
Calc-2 Project Management LibreOffice.png

Mind that not all macro's work
Calc-2 Project Management Excel.png
Calc-2 Project Management Google.png

Mind that not all macro's work
Calc-2 Project Management AOO.png

Mind that not all macro's work
Calc-2 Project Management OOo.png

Mind that not all macro's work
Calc6 Rental Property LibreOffice.png
Calc6 Rental Property Excel.png
Calc6 Rental Property Google.png
Calc6 Rental Property AOO.png
Calc6 Rental Property OOo.png
Calc Risk score 1 LibreOffice.png
Calc Risk score 1 Excel.png
Calc Risk score 1 Google.png
Calc Risk score 1 AOO.png
Calc Risk score 1 OOo.png
Calc5 Due-Diligence LibreOffice.png
Calc5 Due-Diligence LibreOffice.png
Calc5 Due-Diligence LibreOffice.png
Calc5 Due-Diligence LibreOffice.png
Calc5 Due-Diligence LibreOffice.png