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  1. I would like to add an event to the calendar. What should I do?
  2. I would like to post the same calendar on our localized wiki/website page. What are the WikiText lines of text used to program the main "Events Calendar" into a wiki page?
  3. I am having problems configuring a new localized "Events Calendar" and would like to tweak the calendar? Are there any additional functions that I can use to tweak the calendar?
  4. Can we have this calendar on our localized LibreOffice webpage too but only with localized dates?
  5. Can I have it on my personal website, blog, etc.?
  6. Can I put it on my own "Thunderbird (or something else)" calendar? Outlook? Other calendars? WebDAV?


  1. Contact with the details and they will be added.
  2. a) Calendar on the wiki: The wiki uses the Wikimedia Google Calendar widget and the following wikitext was used for the LibreOffice International Calendar of Events. Just cut/paste the wikitext into a wiki page and change the "LibreOffice International Calendar of Events" to your localized language:
{{#widget:Google Calendar
  1. b) Calendar on the website: The website version of the calendar makes use of <iFrame> created by the Google Calendar wizard. To post the LibreOffice International Calendar of events" type in the following into the page (HTML code window) as one line (Notice the width and height of the calendar has been set to best fit the content area of the website page to avoid any scroll bars).

    <p><iframe src="" width="890" height="450" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;</iframe></p>

  2. Tweaks to the Calendar on the wiki: More tweaks that can be applied to the calendar on the wiki can be found on the Wikimedia Google Calendar widget page. Tweaks to the Calendar on the website: The Google Calendar wizard does not offer many other colors than what is offered on the wizard page; the blue is mandatory but the green is close enough to the "LibreOffice-green". You may add any other HTML code that you think would work with the page.

  3. You can post a localized calendar on your LibreOffice wiki/website page if there are enough events to warrant a calendar. If there are few events, perhaps adding the events to the main LibreOffice calendar would help more in marketing your events. If you wish to post your calendar, you will need to verify the appropriate protocols with the marketing team so that there is consistency over all of the TDF/LibreOffice sites.
    • Proposed Protocols for Creating a Localized Events Calendar
      • the calendar is based on Google Calendar
      • the main admin should be either a member of LibreOffice or a recognized leader of that particular language group
      • a member of the LibreOffice should also have admin rights to the localized calendar in case of spam infiltration
      • the main colour of the Google Calendar should be as close as possible to the iconic "LibreOffice-green"

  4. You may post the calendar on your website, blog, wiki etc. The calendar is a public calendar and may be found here:
  5. a) You can view the calendar on Thunderbird by using the combination of Thunderbird + Lightning (extension) (+ "Provider for Google Calendar" (extension) -- for "private Google calendar(s)"). The Lightning extension adds the functionality of a calendar and the "Provider for Google Calendar" extension allows you to add any "private Google Calendar" to your Lightning calendar by adding the "ical" address in the appropriate field in the "Provider". To add any "private Google calendar", you must first contact the calendar owner to obtain the right ical address to add to the "Provider" as well as email address + password. You can find the Lightning and Provider extensions on the Thunderbird add-ons site.
    • Here are the steps to get Thunderbird+Lightning to post a "Google Public Calendar":
      • After installing the Lightning extension (restart your Thunderbird)
      • you will now have a new menu item "Events and Tasks"
      • choose "Calendar"
      • on the left-hand side, you will see your private calendar (this one is based on your hardrive)
      • click anywhere in the white background beneath your private calendar
      • pick "New Calendar"
      • pick "On the Network" then press "Next"
      • pick iCalendar (ICS) and insert the LibreOffice iCal address in the field next to "Location") then press "Next"
      • name your calendar (presumably you would want to call it LibreOffice Events); pick the colour of the calendar of your choice; "Show Reminders" and E-mail is up to you. Press "Next" and "End"
      • Your new "LibreOffice Events" calendar should now show on the left hand side and the LibreOffice Events dates should now show on the calendar (make sure that you have "checked" the box next to your calendar, on the left-hand side, to enable the calendar view).
        • NOTE: To change any of the calendar's properties, just right-click on the calendar name on the left-hand side and choose "Properties". Also note that you cannot Add or Delete any events unless you have Admin rights (see below).
        • NOTE: If you have Admin rights to the "LibreOffice Events Calendar", then you would have to use the "Provider for Google Calendar" option when creating your Thunderbird-Lightning calendar and you will have to add the "admin email/password" to access the calendar.

b) You may find directions on how to view a Google calendar with MS Outlook on the Google Calendar Help pages.

c) You may do the same for any other calendars that make use of the ical format.

d) You may find information regarding WebDAV support for Google calendars on the Google Calendar Help pages.