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This extension provides an alternative to the 'Select Visible Cells' command in Microsoft Excel. It´s useful to use with subtotals or ranges with hidden columns or rows. To use 'Copy only visible cells', do the following steps:

  1. install the extension;
  2. restart LibreOffice;
  3. open your sheet with hidden rows or columns;
  4. select a range;
  5. insted the simple copy button, click on 'Copy only visible cells' button;
  6. paste in your target document, for example, another sheet or a RTF text table. The hidden rows or columns won´t paste.


  1. it´s not possible paste especial with 'DDE Link' option in Writer;



Developed by Gustavo Pacheco.

Special thanks: Andrew Pitonyak, Stephan Wunderlich, Ryan Nelson, Paolo Mantovani,Christian Junker and Comune di Bologna.


English (en) - "Copy only visible cells"

Portuguese - Brazil (pt-br) - "Copiar somente as células visíveis"

Italian - Italia (it) - "Copiare solo le celle visibili"

Spanish (es) - "Copiar sólo las celdas visibles"

German (de) - "Kopieren sichtbarer zellen"

French (fr) - "Copier uniquement les cellules visibles"

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