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How to make a crosstab query ?

We want to produce a synthesis of a table or query.

The solution will be to use the LibreOffice Calc module that allows to create pivot tables on registered data sources.

Databases can be registered when creating the database or at any time by the menu command Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Base ▸ Databases.

Then create a new spreadsheet, run Data ▸ Pivot Table ▸ Create, choose Data source registered option then select items in drop-down lists:

  • Name of the database
  • Type (table, query , SQL)
  • Name of the data source

Complete the layout depending on the desired result.

The spreadsheet can be opened from a form of the database by adding a button to which the properties will be defined :

  • Action: Open document/Web page
  • URL: select the workbook