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How do I see all the rows and columns? Some of them are hidden.

The Hide command allows all the rows or columns in a selected area to be hidden:

  1. Select the area of the sheet where you want rows and/or columns to be hidden.
    • To hide rows, go to Format ▸ Row ▸ Hide.
    • To hide columns go to Format ▸ Column ▸ Hide.

The Show command allows you to display all the rows or columns in a selected area:

  1. Select the area of the sheet where the rows and/or columns are hidden. You can select the whole sheet using Edit ▸ Select All, or by hitting Ctrl+A, or else by clicking in the empty gray square at the intersection of the headers for the rows (1,2,3...) and the columns (A, B, C...)
    • To display all the rows, choose : Format ▸ Row ▸ Show
    • Similarly to display all the columns, choose Format ▸ Column ▸ Show.

What do you do if the first row or column is hidden?

  1. Select the second row or column (click in its header and keep the mouse button down).
  2. Drag the mouse towards the empty square in the corner.
  3. Release the button and go to Format ▸ Row or Column ▸ Display. The row or column reappears.