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How to place the axes where you want them in a chart of type X-Y

Several cases can be envisaged.

A series of negative data with the 'X' axis at trhe top of the screen

  1. Select the data series: in the first column of the sheet, the X-axis data; in the second column, the negative Y-axis data.
  2. Go to Insert ▸ Chart and choose chart type XY
  3. LibreOffice will automatically put the origin of the axes at the top of the chart.

A series of positive and negative data

By default the X-axis is placed at zero on the Y-axis. You can however position it relative to the Y-axis at any value you want.

  1. Double-click the chart to select it. A gray line should appear around it.
  2. Right-click on the Y-Axis to open its contextual menu.
  3. Choose Format axis
  4. In the new window, select the Position tab
  5. In the Cross other axis at Value box, enter the value you want.

Two series, one with only negative values, the other with only positive values

In fact we need to create a 'pyramid of ages'.

Vertical Pyramid

  1. Create a chart of type Bars, Stacked, no grid.
  2. You can put the vertical axis where you like (in this case it will be the X-axis).

Horizontal Pyramid

  1. Create a chart of type Columns, Stacked, no grid.
  2. You can put the horizontal X-axis where you like in the same way as before.