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How to avoid printing zero values

For the whole sheeet

Page styles allow you to fix this property.

Go to Format ▸ Page ▸ [tab] Sheet and uncheck Zero Values.

  • This command modifies the style applied to the current sheet (whether this is the default style or some other).
  • To modify a different style,
    1. display the styles window using Styles ▸ Manage Styles (or press F11);
    2. display the Page Styles tab;
    3. right-click on the style you want to modify and procede as described above.

These parameters will apply to all existing sheets with the modified style(s).

For a range of cells

The simplest way to define this parameter is as a cell style: either the Default style , or another style, for example a personalised one.

  1. Dislay the Cell styles in the Styles window.
  2. Right-click on the style to be modified.
  3. The Numbers tab allows you to define a personalised cell format. The numeric format code is in three parts: the first part applies to positive values, the second to negative values and the third to the value zero. You can therefore define a format of the type:

These parameters will apply to all existing cells with this style.