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How do I rotate text to be readable on the side of a CD cover?

Follow this procedure:

  1. click the T button on the Drawing toolbar to insert text;
  2. click on your document and drag the mouse to draw a horizontal text box of the desired size;
  3. insert your text in the box; it will appear horizontally.

To rotate:

  1. press the Esc key once to select the text. Green handles will appear around the text;
  2. select the Format ▸ Position and Size menu. The Position and Size window will open;
  3. go to the Rotation tab. In the Rotation Angle section at the bottom of the tab, enter either "90°" or "270°" in the Angle box. Or, click on the indicator on the Default settings wheel and rotate the indicator to set the desired angle of rotation;
  4. click OK to confirm.