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I try to print a Draw document, but the colors printed by my printer are not the same as those displayed on my screen.

How do I edit them using the CMYK color system?

Modern printers use a mixture of 4 colors (or 6 for the most recent ones) in order to reproduce as far as possible the colors that our eyes are normally capable of seeing. To edit the colors in Draw using the exact percentage of ink:

  1. select the object whose color you want to change;
  2. right-click and select Area from the contextual menu;
  3. select Area tab and click on the Color button;
  4. click on Pick button;
  5. modify the CMYK values in the boxes below;
  6. press the OK button.

You can also save colors in the custom palette, once you created them:

  1. select the color;
  2. click on Add button;
  3. enter a name and click OK;
  4. close the window by pressing the OK button.