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    List of keyboard shortcuts in the Gallery

    Main shortcuts for the themes

    Keyboard Shortcuts Result
    Move selection top.
    Move selection bottom.
    Ctrl + ↵ Enter Open Properties of theme dialog.
    ⇧ Shift + F10 Open context menu of the theme.
    Ctrl + U Update all links of the selected theme.
    Ctrl + R Open dialog to enter theme's title.
    Ctrl + D Delete selected theme.
    Ins Create a new theme.

    Main shortcuts for the thumbnail preview zone

    Keyboard Shortcuts Result
    Home Select first thumbnail.
    End Select last thumbnail.
    Select left thumbnail.
    Select right thumbnail.
    Select upper thumbnail.
    Select downer thumbnail.
    Page Up Move selection one screen top.
    Page Down Move selection one screen down.
    Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + Ins Insert thumbnail as a linked object (not a copy) in document.
    Ctrl + I Insert thumbnail as a copy object in document.
    Ctrl + T Open dialog to enter thumbnail's title.
    Space Show the thumbnail alone in the Gallery.
    Ctrl + ↵ Enter