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How to contact the people at LibreOffice?

  • If you are looking for 'information on LibreOffice and its functionality, a good first entry point could be the official website:
  • If you are looking for help to solve a problem :
    • help is accessible using the F1 key inside the software;
    • This Faq contains a lot of answers on the most asked questions;
    • The user list is there to answer all your questions. To subscribe, visit
  • If you're searching for help to learn how to use LibreOffice:
    • you'll find guides and tutorials on the wiki;
    • tutorials for are still valid for LibreOffice :
  • If you think that you've found a bug, and want to inform the community about it:
    • describe all your finding on the list, with full details for reproducing the problem, your operating system and the version number of LibreOffice;
    • check that the bug doesn't already exist on Bugzilla:
  • If you have ideas to enhance LibreOffice;
    • follow the same steps as the one to report a bug.
  • If you want to contribute:
    • writing help items
    • answering users questions
    • programming LibreOffice

=> see