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How to display a document in side-by-side page view?

  • In a Writer text
    • Use the icons in the status next to the zoom slider bar: FR.FAQ Generale 108 Affichage2pages.PNG
  • In a Calc spreadsheet
    • Approach is explained in this item.
  • For other modules
    • Select the Window ▸ New Window. The same file is present in two windows. Changes in one window are automatically reflected in the other window.
    • Rearrange the size and position of the windows to get the desired display.
    • Under MS-Windows, you can also use the following trick:
      • Minimize all windows (shortcut key ⊞ Win + D).
      • Enlarge the 2 windows.
      • Right-click in the taskbar.
      • Select Show windows stacked or Show windows side by side.