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How to install an extension?

Once the extension downloaded, you need to install it using the Extension Manager:

  • Select the Tools ▸ Extension Manager menu.

Note: with the last LibreOffice versions, this dialog allow you to select (check boxes) the extension type to display: Installation, Shared, User.

  • Click theAdd button.
  • Select the extension in the directory where it has been downloaded and click Open.
  • You are asked to choose how the extension will be installed:
    • user mode: only the user who install the extension will be able to use it. In the case of a multiusers desktop, the other users won't be able to access the extension. Choice= Only for me ;
    • Shared mode: all users of the desktop will have access to the extension, but each could have his own settings for the extension. Choice= For all users. This choice requires to have admin rights.
The installation mode for the extension will be shown in the Extension Manager depending on the yellow icon displayed on the right:
  • nothing= user mode;
  • two figures= shared mode.
  • Depending on the extensions, there could be a license to validate. Scroll down to the bottom to activate the Accept button.
  • The extension is installing and appears in the Extension Manager.
  • Click Close.
  • Close all the LibreOffice files, and the quickstarter if it is running.
  • Restart LibreOffice.

=> For some extensions, a new menu entry has been added to the Tools ▸ Add-ons menu.