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How to save URLs as relative paths?

The choice between relative and absolute is made under the Tools ▸ Options ▸ Load/Save ▸ General menu by (un)checking Save URLs relative to... (file system and/or internet).

However, when relative save is selected, the paths displayed are always absolute. For example, while inserting a picture in a document, the path seems to never be "relative"

Is there an additional parameter to set? No, no additional parameter is necessary:

  • The software always displays the "real" path of the picture inserted as a link, what is more "comfortable" for the user because the path is more readable.
  • But the path is stored effectively as relative.

For exemple, a picture where the path is displayed as file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Pierre-Yves/My Documents/LibreOffice/Capture/ The real stored URL is:

<draw:image xlink:href="../../../LibreOffice/Captures/about.png" xlink:type="simple" xlink:show="embed" xlink:actuate="onLoad" draw:filter-name="&lt;Tous les formats&gt;"/>


  • The relative addressing is only possible if the source and the referenced document are on the same device.
  • A relative address always begins by the directory in which is the current document. An absolute address, however, always begin by the root directory.
  • The tip systematically displays the absolute path.