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Raccourcis claviers pour les présentations

F1 LibreOffice Help
F2 Text Box
F3 Enter Group
F4 Position and Size
F5 Start from first slide
F7 Spelling
F8 Points
F11 Styles and Formatting
Delete Delete Contents
PgUp To Previous Page/Slide
PgDn To Next Page/Slide
⇧ Shift+F3 Duplicate
⇧ Shift+F5 Start from current slide
⇧ Shift+Insert Paste
⇧ Shift+Delete Cut
⇧ Shift+F7 Automatic Spell Checking
Ctrl+1 LineSpacing:1
Ctrl+2 LineSpacing:2
Ctrl+5 LineSpacing:1.5
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+E Center Horizontally
Ctrl+F Find
Ctrl+H Find & Replace
Ctrl+I Italic
Ctrl+J Justified
Ctrl+L Align Left
Ctrl+K Hyperlink
Ctrl+M New Slide
Ctrl+O Open
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+Q Exit
Ctrl+R Align Right
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+U Underline
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+W Close Window
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+[ Decrease font size
Ctrl+] Increase font size
Ctrl+F3 Exit group
Ctrl+F7 Thesaurus
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Ctrl++ Bring Forward
Ctrl+- Send Backward
Ctrl+/ No width optional break
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+B Subscript
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+G Group
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+K Combine
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+N Manage Templates
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+O Print Preview
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+P Superscript
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+R Ruler
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+V Paste Special
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Z Redo
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F5 Navigator
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+F8 Fit to Frame
Ctrl+⇧ Shift++ Bring to Front
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+- Send to Back
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+← Backspace Non-breaking space
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Home Page/Slide to Start
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+End Page/Slide to End
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+ Page/Slide to Up
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+ Page/Slide to Down
Alt+← Backspace Undo
Alt+⇧ Shift+F5 Jump to last edited Slide
Alt+⇧ Shift+ Move Down
Alt+⇧ Shift+ Move Up
Alt+⇧ Shift+ Promote
Alt+⇧ Shift+ Demote
Ctrl+Alt+C Comment
Ctrl+Alt+PgUp Previous Comment
Ctrl+Alt+PgDn Next Comment
Ctrl+Alt+⇧ Shift+9 Item Browser On/Off
Ctrl+Alt+⇧ Shift+G Ungroup
Ctrl+Alt+⇧ Shift+K Split
Ctrl+Alt+⇧ Shift+P Pixel Mode
Ctrl+Alt+⇧ Shift+V Paste Unformatted Text