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How do I use a drawing made with LibreOffice Draw as a background?

To use a drawing made with LibreOffice Draw as a background for a presentation, you must add the Draw image to the Slide Master:

  • Create the illustration or image in LibreOffice Draw, within the master View ▸ Master
  • When your illustration is complete, select File ▸ Templates ▸ Save As Template
  • Select the category (Presentations to make it available to all users, My Templates to make it only available to you)
  • Click Save
  • Switch to your presentation in Impress
  • Click Slide ▸ Change Slide Master...
  • Click Load
  • Browse to the Category where you saved your custom background
  • Select the Template
  • Click OK
  • Click OK again and the custom background created in LibreOffice Draw will be added to the Master Page of your current presentation.