Faq/Impress/027 - How do I modify a slide master?

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Modify a slide master


Open the document template or presentation that you want to change.

Switch on master view

In the ″Sidebar at ″Properties″ there is also the button for the Master View.

Click on the Master View button.

In the master view you can now choose the format, such as size, font and font color of all elements, such as headline, text and the fields of the footer, which should be visible on all slides of the template.

Now edit or change these elements according to your wishes.

Close Master View

Click on the ″Close Master View″ Icon" or on the Sidebar the Close Master View Button.

Save master slide as a template

In the menu, click File ▸ Templates ▸ Save as Template….

In the ″Save as Template″ dialog box, select the category Presentations.

Enter the template name, e.g. "My new template".

Click on Save.