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    How do I include sound and video files in a presentation?

    To insert a media file into your presentation:

    • Select the media file to insert and click Open to place the object on the slide.

    Impress can links media files and can embed a media file into a presentation. If you links media file in to presentation, then if a presentation is moved to a different computer, any links will be broken and the media files will not play. To prevent this from happening:

    1. Place any media files which are included in a presentation in the same folder where the presentation is stored.
    2. Insert the media file in the presentation.
    3. Send both the presentation and any media files to the computer which is to be used for the presentation and place both files in the same folder on that computer.

    Play audio file in Impress across slides

    Sidebar "Slide Transition"

    After you have created your slides, go to Slide 1.

    Open the Sidebar ▸ Slide transition.

    At "Transition|Sound", select an existing sound or "Other Sound...".

    See also: Media Support

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