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How do I use a symbol not provided in Math's Catalog of characters?

If you have a font that contains the symbol you want, you can define it as a user-defined symbol. The DejaVu family of fonts contains many mathematical symbols.

Follow these steps:

  • Select the Tools ▸ Symbols menu
  • Click Edit
  • Select the symbol you want to use
    • Select the font that contains your symbol, using the Font combobox
    • Locate and click on the symbol in the top half of the window
  • Type a name for the symbol in the Symbol combobox (you may want to type the name of a new symbol set to make it easier to find your symbol)
  • Select the symbol set or type the name of a new one in the Symbol set combobox (you may prefer Special than Greek or iGreek)
  • Select the Style : Standard, Bold, Italic or Bold Italic.
  • Click the Add button

Now you can use your symbol using one of the following approaches:

  • with Symbols dialog:
    • Select the Tools ▸ Symbols menu,
    • Select the Symbol set (usually Special)
    • Select your symbol
    • Click Insert
  • Enter %name_of_new_symbol in the markup box

If you don't have a font that contains the symbol you want, you may want to install the American Mathematical Society's AMS font. This font is available from the AMS website. If you use Microsoft Windows, you can also download these fonts from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network website.

Both of these sites provide installation instructions and terms of use.