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How do I correct the arrows of the vectors or the angles which appear too short?

Due to a recording error, the arrows of the vectors or the angles may appear too short. To correct, the formula must be reedited and closed. So you have to double-click and then double-escape on each formula.

If the number of formulas is important in a document it can quickly become tiring. The following macro works for you:

 Sub ReviseFormules
     dim i as integer
     dim TheObjets as Object
     dim Objet as Object
     On error goto erreur
     for i=0 to TheObjets.count-1
         if Objet.getImplementationName="SwXTextEmbeddedObject" then
             if Objet.embeddedObject.component.getImplementationName="" then
     next i
     resume next
 end sub