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    How to make the page numbering begin at the second page of the document?

    The page numbering is generally put in the header or the footer. However the first page of the document does not usually have a header or footer. You must assign a different page style for this and possibly for subsequent pages that contain “fore-matter”. The procedure consists of two steps:

    1. Assign a page style to the first page:
      • place the cursor on the first page;
      • apply the style you want for this page:
        • display the style and formatting window using the View ▸ Styles menu (or press F11), and choose the Styles tab on the vertical menu;
        • on the horizontal menu above the Styles list, click the 4th button Page styles;
        • double-click the style you want, for example First page or;
        • right-click the style name and select Modify to adapt the page style you want.
    2. Assign another page style to the second page. Two ways are possible:
      1. using a manual break:
        • put the cursor at the end of the first page;
        • select Insert ▸ Manual break;
        • select Page break; choose the style you want to use for the second page from the dropdown menu (for example Default Style);
        • check the box ☑ Change page number;
        • in the field bellow, enter the number for the second page (1 for our example);
        • click OK;
      2. Modify the first paragraph format:
        • place the cursor in the first paragraph of the page where you want to start the numbering;
        • right-click and select Paragraph..., Text flow [tab];
        • check ☑ Break and ☑ With page style;
        • choose the style and the page number you want to apply.

    If you choose a different page style, you can specify a different header or footer for each style:

    • select Insert ▸ Header and Footer ▸ Footer or Header then the page style where you want the page number to appear;
    • use the Tab ↹ key to place the page-number at the center or on the right;
    • select Insert ▸ Field ▸ Page Number.

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