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How do I write the first letters of a word in capitals and the rest of the word in lower case?

Changing existing text

  • select the text you want to modify;
  • select the menu Format ▸ Text and the option you want:
    • Sentence case: all the text is in lower case except the first letter after each period;
    • lowercase: all the text is changed to lower case;
    • UPPERCASE : all the text is changed to upper case;
    • Capitalize Every Word: each word begins with a capital and the rest of the word is in lower case; and
    • tOGGLE cASE : capitals are replaced by lower case and lower case by capitals.

However, if you modify the text, the case will remain identical to what you have entered.

Changing the case automatically

Follow these steps:

  • select the text you want to modify;
  • go to Format ▸ Character... menu;
  • click the Font Effects tab;
  • in the Effects dropdown menu, click the Capitalize Every Word option; and
  • click OK.

This method also works for a line in a table or a column.

Even more efficient

Change the relevant styles by an automatic formatting. Any new text will then be formatted according to the chosen case.