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    How do I insert a table of contents into my document?

    Before you can create the table of contents, you must make the chapter titles recognizable by using the Styles and Formatting window to apply styles to them.

    Mark the Titles

    1. open the Styles and Formatting side bar by going to View ▸ Styles;
    2. put the cursor inside a paragraph that you want to be your title;
    3. double-click on the level of title you want in the Styles and Formatting sidebar, e.g. Heading 1; and
    4. mark all the titles of your document in the same way.

    Insert the Table of Contents

    1. place the cursor where you want the Table of Contents to be inserted;
    2. select the menu Insert ▸ Table of Contents and Indexes ▸ Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography;
    3. in the Type dropdown list, select Table of Contents; and
    4. click OK.
    Note pin.svg

    You can also set other options to create the table of contents you want. For example, if you want a table of captions, check the Additional styles and select your caption style.