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    How to remove the double black line generated while entering several #?

    A series of number sign, i.e. #, is a shortcut to create a double-black line attached to the paragraph, which precedes it in the document. To remove it:

    • click anywhere in the paragraph just above the line;
    • select Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Borders [tab];
    • click on the border until it disappears; and
    • click OK.

    Another solution to remove this line:

    • select Format ▸ Clear Direct Formatting (shortcut Ctrl + M)

    Be careful when using this: all the direct formatting of selected items will be removed.

    To disable this from being automatically generated :

    • select Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ AutoCorrect Options;
    • select the Options tab;
    • uncheck Apply border; and
    • click OK.

    To learn more about automatics, please read this Writer FAQ item These automatics annoy me!.