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    How to format URLs (Uniform Resource Locators : http://...) in the same way as the rest of the document


    • URL = is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.

    To change the default behavior

    • select Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ AutoCorrect Options ▸ Options [tab];
    • browse the list until you find URL Recognition;
    • uncheck the check box to turn it off; and
    • Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box.
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    The URLs detection will also detect everything written with the @ symbol like an email address, so turning the option off will remove the detection of mail addresses.

    To selectively determine what should be treated as a hyperlink

    Leave the URL Recognition on, but turn off individual links this way:

    • select the whole address;
    • right-click to display the contextual menu; and
    • select Remove Hyperlink.
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    An address that has been converted to a hyperlink could be converted again to normal text by pressing Ctrl + Z immediately after the first conversion. That is called “Undo.”

    To change the color of a hyperlink

    • go to Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Application Colors;
    • check Unvisited links and chose the color you want; and
    • click OK.

    To know more about automatic corrections, please read the FAQ item 025 – These automatics annoy me!.