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How to format URLs (Uniform Resource Locators : http://...) in the same way as the rest of the document

Notes :

  • URL = is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.

To change the default behavior

  • Select Tools ▸ AutoCorrect Options ▸ Options [tab]
  • Browse the list until you find Detect URLs
  • Uncheck the check box to turn it off
  • Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box

Note : The URLs detection will also detect everything written with the @ symbol like a mail address, so turning the option off will remove the detection of mail addresses.

To selectively determine what should be treated as an hyperlink

Leave the URLs detection on, but turn off individual links this way:

  • Select the whole address
  • Right click to display the contextual menu
  • Select Remove Hyperlink.

Note : an address that has been converted to an hyperlink could be converted again to normal text by pressing Ctrl+Z before doing anything else.

To change the color of an hyperlink

  • Select Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Appearance
  • Check Unvisited links and chose the color you want
  • Click OK

To know more about automatic corrections, please read the FAQ item 025 – These automatic annoy me!.