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How do I insert a special character?

From the Special Characters dialog box

The easiest way to insert a special character is to select it from the Special Characters dialog box:

  • go to Insert ▸ Special Character;
  • in the dialog that opens, all the existing characters in the current font are displayed;
  • select one character by clicking on it; it is now displayed enlarged in the right hand area of the dialog and is ready to be inserted as indicated at the bottom of the dialog;
  • if you click another character, it will be added to the list at the bottom of the dialog;
  • to remove a character from the list, click the Delete button;
  • when your selection is over, click OK;
  • to insert one character only, double-click the character; and
  • if you do not find the character you want, that means that it doesn’t exist in the current font. Try to find it in another font.

On some platforms, LibreOffice doesn’t have all the characters in all the fonts, like emdash or Curly double quote characters.

Math Formulas with LibreOffice Math module

The characters used in math formulas must be inserted using the LibreOffice Math, following these steps:

  • select the Insert ▸ Object ▸ Formula menu;
  • in the command window, right-click to access the contextual menu; you will find all the existing operators in this menu;
  • the Command window does not contain a closing button, only click outside the formula dialog (anywhere in the document) to close it.

Note: Formulas are graphical objects and the characters inserted this way will not be correctly converted to other applications. LibreOffice also supports character insertion (like accentuated characters, monetary symbols, etc.) through keyboard sequences.

Please have a look at Math for more information.