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How do I insert the trademark symbol?

This symbol does not exist in some fonts. The symbol exists in the Symbol, Serif, and Sans-Serif fonts. To insert it:

  • put the cursor where you want to add the symbol;
  • select the Insert ▸ Special Character menu;
  • in the dialog box that appears, choose Symbol in the font list;
  • the “trademark” symbol exists in a serif font (character 212, Unicode F0D4) or in a sans-serif font (character 228, Unicode F0E4); double click on the symbol you want.

Note: for fonts that are character-rich, the TM symbol is classified in the Letterlike symbol subcategory, Unicode 2122

Alternative solution

If the chosen font allows it (this is the case for a vast majority), you only need to hold down the Alt key and enter the corresponding code of the character you want. Here are a few examples:

  • ™ = Alt+0153
  • © = Alt+0169
  • ® = Alt+0174
  • ° = Alt+0176

When a character is inserted this way in the chapter title, these symbols will be shown in the table of contents.

Note: many websites have lists of these Unicode numbers, called Alt Codes⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg.

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