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    How do I modify the linking of an external picture?

    Note: by default, links are relative links. Even if an absolute link is indicated, the type of registered-link depends on the options selected. To check:

    • select the Tools ▸ Options ▸ Load/Save ▸ General menu; and
    • check the choices Save URLs relative to... to save links as relative to the file system or the Internet.

    There are two possibilities for changing a linked picture: by direct configuration of the picture or by editing the links (which allows you to act on several pictures simultaneously).

    By picture configuration

    • click on the picture to select it;
    • right click to open the contextual menu;
    • select Properties, then the Picture tab; and
    • modify the link by changing the text in the Link field or using the Browse... button on the right.

    By editing the links

    This option allows you to act in several pictures without having to browse the whole document:

    • select the Edit ▸ Links to External Files... menu;
    • select the picture to modify;
    • click Modify; and
    • chose the new picture, then validate with Open.

    Edit ▸ Links to External Files... also allows you to remove the link using the Break Link button. From this moment, the picture is embedded in the document.