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How do I make the page numbers in the table of contents match those in the body of the document?

When making large documents, page 1 often begins after the title page, table of contents, and foreword. Inserting a corrected page number field into the header or footer of the document body makes it possible to have good numbering, but the change is not reflected in the indexes and tables of contents.

Here is how to do it:

  1. put the cursor at the bottom of the page preceding the page 1 (most of the time, it is the page where the table of contents is);
  2. select the menu Insert ▸ Manual Break... ▸ Page break;
  3. in the dialog box that appeared, under the Style dropdown menu, choose the page style for the body of the document;
  4. check: ☑ Change page number;
  5. below, enter the new page number: 1 (or any relevant value); and
  6. click OK.

Then insert the page number in the header or footer:

  1. select the menu Insert ▸ Fields ▸ Other (or press Ctrl+F2);
  2. select the Document tab;
  3. select these fields:
    • Type: Page;
    • Select: Page numbers;
    • Format: As Page Style (without correction);
    • click Insert; and
    • click Close.

Now, update the index via the menu Tools ▸ Update ▸ Indexes and Tables.