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How to center label fields vertically and horizontally within their frame

When we create labels via File ▸ New ▸ Labels, by default, the label fields are aligned to the upper left of the frame: FR.FAQ Writer 123a.PNG

To center the fields vertically

  1. select the contents with Ctrl+A: FR.FAQ Writer 123b.PNG
  2. select Table ▸ Convert ▸ Text to table; the fields are inserted in a table cell: FR.FAQ Writer 123c.PNG
  3. right click the cell and then Row ▸ Height;
  4. adjust the cell height identical to the label height(5.6 cm in this example): FR.FAQ Writer 123d.PNG
  5. click the Center (vertical) icon on the table toolbar: FR.FAQ Writer 123e.PNG
  6. click Synchronize labels: all the fields on the labels are now vertically centered:

FR.FAQ Writer 123f.PNG

To center horizontally

  1. modify the Standard paragraph style:
    1. select Format ▸ Styles and formatting to display the styles and formatting window;
    2. select the paragraph styles;
    3. right click the Standard style then chose Modify;
  2. on theAlignment tab, select Center;

FR.FAQ Writer 123g.PNG

The layout is created without the need to click the Synchronize labels button:

FR.FAQ Writer 123h.PNG