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How do I vertically center a text in a page?

The solution is explained in the online help:

  1. select the text you want to center on the page;
  2. select the Insert ▸ Frame ▸ Frame... menu;
  3. under the Type tab, in the Anchor section, select To the page.
  4. in the Size section, set the size of the frame;
  5. in the Position section, select Center in the Horizontal and Vertical dropdown menus; and
  6. click OK.

To resize the frame, slide its edges.

To hide the frame borders:

  1. select the frame;
  2. go to Format ▸ Frame and Object ▸ Properties...;
  3. click the Borders tab;
  4. click the Set No Borders icon under Line Arrangement; and
  5. click OK.