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How do I add an accent to a capital character?

There are several possibilities.

Automatic correction for capitals at the beginning of a sentence

Writer automatically corrects some errors while typing. To capitalize the first letter of every sentence:

  • select the Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ AutoCorrect Options ▸ Options [tab] menu; and
  • check the third option Capitalize first letter of every sentence.

Subsequently, when you type a lower-case character (with or without an accent) after a period, it will be converted automatically to upper case.

AutoText added with DMaths extension

DMaths allows users of Writer to produce capital letters easily at the beginning of a word. If you allow DMaths to install its built-in AutoTexts, you can write accented characters in lower-case and use the F3 button to convert them to upper case.

Add a shortcut key

It is possible to add a shortcut key (for example: Ctrl+Alt+M) to transform the selected text into upper-case. This shortcut will work with all LibreOffice modules: Writer, Draw, Impress, and Calc.