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How do I suppress page numbers in the table of contents?

To remove an element from the table of contents is easy:

  1. right click the table of contents and choose Edit index ▸ Entries [tab];
  2. choose the title level to which you want to apply the changes; if you want to have the same structure for all levels, choose level 1;
  3. on the right of Structure the elements selected for this level appear:
    • E#: chapter number
    • E: text of the title
    • T: tabulation
    • #: page number
    • LS: start of the hyperlink
    • LE: end of the hyperlink
  4. edit the structure as follows:
    • to remove an element, click it and then press the Delete key;
    • to add an element, click the blank space where you want to insert the element, then click the button corresponding to the element you want;
    • to apply the same structure to all the levels, once the structure is defined, click the All button; and
  5. press OK.