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How do I display thumbnails of my pages while I edit a document ?

I want to have the same view as with the Pages pane in Draw or the Slides pane in Impress.

To have this view, it is necessary to create two windows :

  1. open your document ;
  2. go to File ▸ Page preview
  3. click on the arrow beside the View button  ;
  4. choose the view of pages one above the other ;
    Modification de l'aperçu
  5. reduce the window so that the text will display vertically to the left.
  6. go to Window ▸ New window to display the document a second time ;
  7. close the preview in this new window ;
  8. arrange the width of the windows so that you can display the new window next to the other one.
Vue des pages en miniature

ATTENTION : even if the content is updated in the two windows, the two displays are not synchronised.