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How to rotate a picture

Inside Writer

After inserting your image,

  • click on your image for the image toolbar to appear (View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Image);
  • click the Rotate icon on the toolbar (a semi-circle arrow). Note that the green handles around the image turn red;
  • move your mouse over one of the red handels around the image (at one of the corners of the image). Note that your mouse turns into a round, two-headed arrow; and
  • once your mouse turned into the arrow, left-click, move your mouse up or down, and release the left-click.

Using LibreOffice Draw

  • create a new Draw document (File ▸ New ▸ Drawing);
  • insert or copy/paste the picture into the Draw document;
  • right click the picture. Select Position and Size;
  • select the Rotation tab.
  • under Rotation angle, set the rotation angle you want; and
  • copy and paste the picture into the Writer document.

Using your default picture editor

  • open the image you need to rotate in your default image editor;
  • make the nesessary changes to the image, e.g. rotate the image;
  • save the image;
  • open your Writer document, and
  • insert your newly-rotated image into the document through Insert ▸ Image....