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How to create a diagram or a chart

Chart creation

  1. click anywhere in the document where you want to create the chart;
  2. in the menu, chose Insert ▸ Chart. LibreOffice creates a chart of Column type, by default representing 4 data rows with 3 columns. The chart is displayed in modification mode allowing you to customize it immediately;
  3. right-click on the chart to open the context menu. Depending on where you click, different options will be shown, but the menu will always display the options:
    • Chart type (Column, Bar, Area, Zone, Line, etc.)
    • Chart data table
      copie d'écran édition d'un diagramme
      Chart created by default
  4. choose Chart Data Table to enter the data you want the chart to represent: the chart is automatically changed;
    copie d'écran table de données
    Data to represent entered
  5. click anywhere outside the chart to exit "modification" mode.

Chart modification

Like any Draw object, a chart can be moved and resized:

copie d'écran cf. légende
Chart resized

The modification of the data is done in edit mode after you have selected the chart:

  • go to Edit ▸ Object ▸ Edit; or
  • right click on the chart and then chose Edit.