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Why does the Edit menu contain two search tools?

From version 3.4, the software offers a new tool to perform searches.

  1. there is still Edit ▸ Find & replace (or Ctrl+H) identical to what existed before (except for the shortcut); and
  2. now we also have Edit ▸ Find (or Ctrl+F) that displays a Find toolbar at the bottom of the work space (as in Firefox for example).
  • this toolbar provides an entry box for the text to be searched for, together with previous and next buttons;
  • it is designed for quick searches using the most recent search term, for which not all the standard dialog settings are needed;
  • besides using the Edit menu, you can also display or hide it like other toolbars from the View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Find; and
  • the Esc key can be used to close the toolbar when the cursor is positioned in the entry box.