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How do I make the text continue from one area to another?

We want to divide text into different areas on one or more pages. The distribution should be automatic, the text should flow automatically from one area to another, as it would with a DTP[1] system.

The principle is to insert frames into the document, which will be the reserves into which the text will be typed or pasted. You just have to connect the frames in the desired order.


  • create the required frames (at least roughly; we can complete them later). In general, this type of document frame:
    • is anchored to page
    • height and width are not automatically defined
  • select the first frame;
  • click the tool Link Frames of the Frame toolbar (View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Frame) (not available if no frame is selected)
screenshot Frame Toolbar
Link Frames tool

  • hover the cursor on the next frame (the cursor shape is modified), then click;

screenshot of cursor frame
Cursor change showing the linking possibility

  • continue with the same process to continue to link the frames.

Now you only have to enter (or paste) the text in the first frame and it will flow automatically in the linked frames. As in a spreadsheet, a red triangle symbolizes the overflow (i.e text too long to be displayed). In this case, you can increase the size of the frame, or create a new frame, or decrease the font size or the text, etc.

In the above example, frames are displayed on the same page because of the screenshot, but they can be organized on different pages.

You can also use a menu to link the frames:

  • right click on a frame to select it and display its contextual menu;
  • choose Frame and then Options tab; and
  • the lists Previous Link and Next Link allow you to choose them.


  1. DTP: Desktop Publishing