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How to copy and paste a formula without the result

We want to copy a formula in a table to paste it to another cell or another table. For this, you have to select the cell and not its content before copying it.

In the example below, we want to copy and paste the formula in Table1:A3 to Table2:B3:

copie d'écran tableau avec une somme en A3
Select A3


  1. Select the cell Table1:A3.
    • The easiest way is to click in the cell, then drag the mouse (using Ctrl+A would select the content and not the cell).
    • Using the keyboard, place the cursor in the cell and press ⇧ Shift+ Then ⇧ Shift+.
  2. Copy
  3. Click Table2:B3
  4. Paste

The formula is pasted and the references adapted.

If you want to retrieve the formula but not to adapt the references, you can:

  1. Press F2 in the cell that contains the formula
  2. Select the formula in the dislayed input area
  3. Copy
  4. Press Esc to leave the input area
  5. Select the target cell
  6. Press F2 to display the input area and paste.