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How do I add an Appendix Table in addition to main Table of Contents?

Given Problem

In a quite long document, you may prefer to not include the list of Appendices in the main Table of Contents. This list should be given at the beginning of Appendix in a different Table of Contents.

This may be achieved in two steps:

  • number each appendix so that LibreOffice could automatically identify what should be listed in Appendix Table
  • create Appendix Table

Number each Appendix

Appendices are often illustrations or tables. An easy way to number them is to insert a caption.

  • right click on object (illustration, table...)
  • select Insert Caption
  • modify Category a with a specific name such as Appendix instead of Illustration
  • type Appendix title in Caption
  • modify Position to Above to get the title at beginning of the appendix
  • choose Numbering type and Separator
  • OK

Note: all these choices are only made for the first Appendix. For next ones, all options will be pre-filled.

Insert Appendix Table

The title Appendices will probably be as Title1.

  • insert cursor after title Appendices
  • select menu Insert ▸ Table of Contents and Index ▸ Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography
  • change Type to Illustration Index
  • change Title to Appendices Index
  • change Category to Appendix (or the specific name you used)
  • OK

As any other classical Table of Contents, you may customize its aspect through all options. Check other entries of FAQ about this subject.