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    Hackfest 2019 Ankara Logo

    The LibreOffice Ankara HackFest 2019 will take place on the Saturday Dec 28th, in Ankara (more details on location TBD).

    About the location

    Panoramic view of Ankara at night.

    Ankara is the capital of the Turkey. The second largest city of Turkey behind Istanbul is easy to reach with international air travel. Due to its elevation and inland location, Ankara has cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. Rainfall occurs mostly during the spring and autumn. Experienced and new LibreOffice developers will meet at Hackfest Ankara, 2019. Location of hackfest will be announced very soon from here.


    If there is a pet bug/feature you are interested to solve/create on the Hackfest add it here and we will try to find a mentor giving you guidance. Also if there is a general topic you want to cover/have a short talk about, add it here.

    topic/bug/feature interested hacker(s) mentor/speaker
    Working with local git branches for LibreOffice development - Muhammet Kara
    Event based programming in LibreOffice for UI widgets - Muhammet Kara
    Installing and working with Glade, and the .ui files in LibreOffice - Muhammet Kara

    How to get there

    • Hackfest location at Google Maps:


    • Street address:

    Hacettepe University Technology Development Zone
    Üniversiteler Mahallesi
    1596. Cadde
    Hacettepe Teknokent 6. Ar-Ge C Blok
    No: 6C/82 Beytepe

    Public transport

    • Local Transportation Information System is here [2]
    • To take on the the bus you should buy an Ankarakart. Recommended card type is "single use Ankarakart" for short trips. For more information [3]
    • The best way to go to airport from city center or to city center from airport is Belkoair airport shuttle. You can find more information from here [4]


    We would like to thank our following sponsors and supporters for making the Ankara Hackfest possible:

    • Collabora (Sponsor for the trainer/mentor & the snacks)
    • Açıkkaynak Yazılım (Venue sponsor)


    1. Muhammet Kara (Trainer/Mentor)
    2. Onur Yılmaz
    3. Selim Şeker
    4. Yusuf Keten
    5. Çağatay Yiğit
    6. Kemal Ayhan
    7. Yiğit Demiralp
    8. Aleyna Doğrucan
    9. Mesut Çifci
    10. Batuhan Görkem Benzer


    topic/bug/feature hacker(s) notes
    tdf#124176 Use pragma once instead of include guards Aleyna Doğrucan Prepared and submitted to Gerrit after local setup of dev environment.

    Patch on Gerrit: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/85925

    tdf#120243 Remove old idle workaround ... Onur Yılmaz Preliminary preparation and research were done.

    Work started in the local.

    tdf#96505 Get rid of cargo cult long integer literals Kemal Ayhan I found reason of that why jenkins gave UItest error on my patch
    tdf#96505 Get rid of cargo cult long integer literals Yusuf Keten I have analyzed #96505 and I also studied on #74702
    tdf#124176 Use pragma once instead of include guards Çağatay Yiğit I have done with setup of dev environment, then have made my first submit to Gerrit.
    Git and complier issues Mesut Çifci Research was done to solve the problems.

    Local updated. "make build" process was done.

    tdf#96505 Get rid of cargo cult long integer literals Batuhan Görkem Benzer I have learned how to use Qtcreator efficiently and apply what I have learned on #96505 .
    tdf#128964 Add time pause/resume buttons to Impress Presentation console Selim Şeker Did some research on #128964 and configured some environment setup for development.

    After Action Reports

    Participant Self Review Review of the Event
    Katılımcı Adı Neler yaptınız, sizin için nasıl geçti? Etkinlik nasıldı?
    Onur Yılmaz It was very efficient for me. I set up Glade and tried to use it a little. I tried to test and display the ".ui" files in core of LibreOffice with Glade. I found a bug of my own and started to searched. I was able to share my own experiences and listen to the experiences of my friends. I clarified by discussing the questions in my mind. It was a fun event.
    Kemal Ayhan I was working on a bug and jenkins was giving a UI test error. I fixed this error. I set up Glade and learnt to use and for what purpose. I learnt useful thing about git. It was very instructive. Every student helped each other. Also Muhammet Kara helped us and made us have a vision.
    Yusuf Keten Today, I have learnt how to design an UI window such as dialogs and how to implement to Libre Office codes. Moreover, I have chosen some Easyhacks for solving this week thanks to Muhammet Kara. Until today, I had some concerns about sending patches. Nevertheless, I had any concern about sending. This event was technically educative.
    Çağatay Yiğit I am done with setup of dev environment and have learnt lots of software development trics from Muhammet Kara. This event greatly improved my vision. Now I have healthier ideas about what free software is, and I think I'm going to enter the community.
    Mesut Çifci I did research and fixed some issues. Now i have idea "What is the glade?, How can i use it?, How can i solve an easyhack?". This day was very beneficial and fun for me. Muhammet Kara gave us useful information. On the other hand it was nice to be in communication with my friends.
    Batuhan Görkem Benzer I have learned tons of things to make my work easier and better. Also get some information about the LibreOffice enviroment Event was excellent. I improved myself in many ways. After the event I get more confident about my works. From now on, I will do my best
    Selim Şeker I learned processes of contributing to any open source projects and more informations about easyhacks in Libreoffice. Event was truly impactful for all of us.