Çoklu Oturum (SSO)

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Several services provided by The Document Foundation Infrastructure team are available from a single sign on procedure.

Çoklu oturum nedir?

To make a long story short, Single sign On is a property that allow one sign on for several services. With SSO you

  • Perform one login in the SSO login page and get access to several services,
  • You don't need to remember logins and passwords for each service.

More on SSO from Wikipedia.

Known services

Note pin.svg

Not every service listed below is visible to the user. Some services are restricted to personnel only.

  • Askbot
  • Bugzilla (SSO connected, but needs a separate account)
  • CrashReport
  • Gerrit
  • HelpWiki
  • Moodle
  • Nextcloud
  • Piwik
  • Redmine
  • Silverstripe
  • Wiki
  • WordPress
  • Weblate

Getting your Single Sign ON (SSO)


To access the TDF infrastructure services you must get a username (your SSO username) from our authentication services.

  1. Visit https://user.documentfoundation.org with your browser.
  2. Click the link Create new account
    Create new account link
  3. Fill the data as indicated, type the captcha number and click Submit
    User data
  4. Check your inbox for the confirmation e-mail. Click on the link indicated to validate the login.
  5. Contact your community leader to obtain access on the service you want. The community leader can be contacted either directly or through one of our mailing lists. For example, website, l10n, documentation mailing lists.


The hostmaster is your friend when you need further support from our infrastructure team. If anything else you did or tried did not fixed the issue, write to hostmaster@documentfoundation.org.