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Standard practice

Only issues that have someone to implement them may be reported on Redmine. Otherwise, report them on Bugzilla:

Only the designer and the dev working on the issue may edit it. Input from others belongs on the associated forum thread.

Issue phases

  • 0% done: A designer has decided to work on an issue. If the issue requires dev work, the presence of the issue on Redmine means a dev is ready to work on the bug as well.
  • 20% done: The designer and dev have done their research and the goal and the scope of the project have been established.
  • 40% done: The tentative design is done and ready for feedback.
  • 60% done: The tentative design has been approved and is ready for implementation.
  • 80% done: The experimental implementation is done and requires testing and feedback.
  • 100% done: The design is polished and can be incorporated into the next release.


The description should include (in the given order):

  • A link to the issue on Bugzilla (at 0% done)
  • The goal (at 20% done)
  • The scope (at 20% done)
  • A link to the Redmine discussion (at 40% done)
  • The tentative design and the reasoning behind it (at 40% done)


Notes should NOT be used.