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German language support of LibreOffice comprises: (1) Localized user interface, (2) AutoText list, (3) AutoCorrect list, (4) Spell check dictionary, (5) Hyphenation patterns, (6) Grammar check, (7) Thesaurus (synonyms). These components are all included in the German lanuage pack one the LibreOffice download page.

German language support of LibreOffice
Language ISO Code Localized UI Auto Text Auto Correct Spell check Hyphe-nation Thesaurus Additional language extensions
German de y y y y y y

Language bundles

  • Dict-de_DE_frami contains spell check dictionary, hyphenation, thesaurus. (pre-installed with LibreOffice and also available for Swiss and Austrian.)

Spell check dictionaries


Grammar check


  • ?
Plattdeutsch nds ? ? ? ja ? ?

Spell check dictionaries

Legend: y = yes, n = no, p = partly, n/a = non applicable, ? = unknown support