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Hi @ll,

We have finished the first step of our move and are up to prepare Silverstripe and the iso generating scripts on for multilingual use.

Like we do ourselves we're thinking of offering subdomains to every interested NL team for the use as a website concerning the dvd and a second sublevel domain to be used for development of the dvd ui. The dvd ui can be exported together with all linked files prior to an upcoming release of a dvd into static html, the iso file will be generated by script from this export. At the moment iso distribution still works manually but we're also up to create a smooth workflow in this concern, which will feed the isos to mirrorbrain and bittorrent in the near future (as we're on the appropriate server now).

We're looking forward to hear from you what kind of subs you would want to use, just for example could be together with or whatever fits better to your requirements.

We have also created a simple landing page and contact form in english to start with and so offering an easy approach for the community, it's going to be available via

We imagine the handling of permissions similar to the LO/TDF websites running on Siverstripe, just leaving out the "author" role which looks quite obsolete in this concern, registration will also be possible via SS forum. Let me have your opinions pls.

Last not least: We're not really sure whether LibreofficeBox is really the best name for our project. We've transfered this as a working name from PrOOo-Box which was great but we're not 100% happy with it.

So every one with a good idea might chime in.

Cheers Erich