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The following macros can be used with LibreOffice Calc:

No. Example Basic Python JavaScript
001 Copy content cell from Spreadsheet to other Go Go ToDo
016 Export a table as PDF Go ToDo ToDo
017 Spreadsheet population Go ToDo ToDo
018 Put a formula into a cell ToDo Go ToDo
019 Create a new named range Go ToDo ToDo
020 Using relative references with named expressions Go ToDo ToDo
021 Create named ranges from labels Go ToDo ToDo
022 Create a new database range Go ToDo ToDo
023 Sort a table using one column Go ToDo ToDo
024 Sort a table using multiple columns Go ToDo ToDo
025 Retrieve sorting information for cell range Go ToDo ToDo
026 Create a standard filter Go ToDo ToDo
027 Clear all filters for a sheet Go ToDo ToDo
028 Filtering multiple columns and using regular expressions Go ToDo ToDo
029 Create an advanced filter Go ToDo ToDo
030 Copy advanced filter results to different location Go ToDo ToDo

(See Macros/Calc/fr for more content.)

LibreOffice Basic

Refer to LibreOffice Basic Help for using Basic as a macro language.


Refer to Python Scripts Help for an introduction to Python as a macro language.


Refer to JavaScript macros - xlated from japanese - for an introduction to JavaScript as a macro language.

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