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The macro presented here is intended to show how to remove unused custom styles from a document.

The macro starts by accessing the "style families". Depending on the type of document these can be CharacterStyles, ParagraphStyles, FrameStyles, PageStyles, NumberingStyles, CellStyles, ShapeStyles.[1]

The code below searches through the cell styles of a Calc sheet, in which the CellStyles collection is looped through. For each element, the methods isUserDefined and isInUse are used to test if it is a custom style used or not.[2]

The only particularity is that we browse the collection "backwards" from n to zero to avoid problems (since we delete elements from the browsed collection).


In LibreOffice Basic:

Option Explicit

Sub delete_unused_styles ()
    Dim oStylesF    As Object
    Dim oStyles     As Object
    Dim oStyle      As Object
    Dim i           As Integer
    oStylesF = ThisComponent.getStyleFamilies

    If oStylesF.hasByName("CellStyles") Then
        oStyles = oStylesF.getByName("CellStyles")
        For i = UBound(oStyles.ElementNames) To 0 Step -1
            oStyle = oStyles.getByName(oStyles.ElementNames(i))
            If oStyle.isUserDefined And Not(oStyle.isInUse) Then
                oStyle = Nothing
            End If
        Next i
        MsgBox "Done!"
        MsgBox "No user-defined style families found..."
    End If
End Sub ' delete_unused_styles