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    It is useful to be able to copy an attribute of a currently selected shape or object to the clipboard. To that end, it is quite useful to use Python, since it is easy to find and import a popular library for copying a string to the clipboard, which would be less trivial to do using functions or libraries of LibreOffice Basic. (Andrew Pitonyak's OOME book v3[1] does include an example of copying to clipboard in LO Basic on p. 267 though.)

    In the below macro, the currently selected object is accessed using XSCRIPTCONTEXT.getDocument().CurrentSelection[0] i.e. the zeroth element of the array of selected objects. A shape such as a will have the attribute FillColor[2]. The color is a single long integer, with the following mathematical definition:[3][4][5]

    Color Value [math]\displaystyle{ =R*2^{16} + G*2^8 + B*2^0 }[/math]

    where [math]\displaystyle{ R,G,B }[/math] are 8-bit values (between 0-255) for red, green, blue. Hence, a function has to be created making use moduli and other mathematical operations to extract to the more conventional RGB standard and then to hex color code.

    After accessing the FillColor attribute, the script makes use of the pyperclip[6] module for copying to clipboard. To install pyperclip, in run

    pip3 install --user pyperclip

    You may also need to add path of packages if LibreOffice does not find your pyperclip installation, for example as such:

    import sys
    import pyperclip



    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
    import uno
    from import MessageBoxButtons as MSG_BUTTONS
    # Adjust and uncomment the following if the path of your packages does not load:
    #import sys
    import pyperclip
    def copy_hex_color(*args):      # Must include '*args' in func. definition
        '''LO macro to extract the hex color of a selected shape's FillColor attribute to the clipboard.'''
        thisComponent = XSCRIPTCONTEXT.getDocument()
            sel = thisComponent.CurrentSelection[0]   # get currently selected shape
            hex_color = cval2hex(sel.FillColor)
            #msgbox( 'Copied "' + str(sel.FillColor) + '" as "' + pyperclip.paste() + '" !' )  # comment out for testing
            msgbox('Exception occured!')
    def cval2hex(c):
        '''Convert Color Value to hex.'''
        # Extract 8-bit (0-255) RGB from Color Value
        red   = ( c - c % 2**16 ) /2**16;
        green = ( c % 2**16 - c % 2**8 ) /2**8;
        blue  = ( c % 2**8 ) /2**0;
        h = '#%02x%02x%02x' % (int(red), int(green), int(blue))  # RGB to hex
        return h[1:]  # exclude hash sign in return string
    def rgb2cval(r,g,b):
        '''Returns Color Value from 8-bit (0-255) RGB components'''
        return (r * 2**16) + (g * 2**8) + (b * 2**0)
    def msgbox(message, title='LibreOffice', buttons=MSG_BUTTONS.BUTTONS_OK, type_msg='infobox'):
        '''Create message box
           type_msg: infobox, warningbox, errorbox, querybox, messbox
        toolkit = create_instance('')
        parent = toolkit.getDesktopWindow()
        mb = toolkit.createMessageBox(parent, type_msg, buttons, title, str(message))
        return mb.execute()
    def create_instance(name, with_context=False):
        CTX = uno.getComponentContext()
        SM = CTX.getServiceManager()
        if with_context:
            instance = SM.createInstanceWithContext(name, CTX)
            instance = SM.createInstance(name)
        return instance
    # Make it such that only the copy_hex_color function will be visible in navigation tree of LO macros
    g_exportedScripts = (copy_hex_color,)

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